Chronexia and the eight seals

Official Book cover of the original novel (English Translation)

Chronexia and the Eight seals is the brain child of Mathieu Brunelle (also known as Misty Chronexia on youtube) and was originally a novel written by him as a young teenager. Today, Chronexia and the Eight Seals has been animated into the first episode "In Memoria" and a second teaser episode by studio Izune, but due to time and budget constraints it has become more of an internet meme than an actual anime as was intended. 

Chronexia and the Eight Seals - First Trailer

Chronexia and the Eight Seals - First Trailer


The NovelEdit

Days were pretty average for Tom Watson, a seventeen year old swordsman in training. Along with his best friend Misty and his aunt Noemi, life was boring and simple, driving him to want to travel the world once he'll be done with school to escape literally "dying of boredom". Unfortunately his travels begin sooner than expected, when an enemy from the past makes his untimely return. It's now up to Tom, Misty, Noemi and their newfound travelling companions to put a stop to this madness, and hopefully Misty's newfound abilities can aid them in their quest. A "compelling" novel that juggles action, adventure, plot twists and cliffhangers, and a story that's been tightly intertwined, where even the smallest events can have tremendous consequences.

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The "Anime"Edit

The first episode "In Memoria" as aforementioned was a tremendous letdown, and many fans who supported the project via patreon were left angry and confused by the attempt at creating an original English anime or "Wanime" (Western anime) with exposition dumps and haphazard plot points. Director, Producer and original author is known most commonly as Misty Chronexia, an anime youtuber famous for clickbait and top ten lists for the various anime genres.

The first episode features choppy animation sequences that frequently change art style, and a random array of scenes that neither seem to further nor benefit the story in any way, almost the entirety of the episode taking place 25 years before the main storyline acutally begins.

Only three of the main characters for this "world building" episode were seen, but not introduced, those characters being Misty Trachtenberg , Tom Watson , and the main antagonist Vince who appears to be killed in the battle scene 25 years earlier. Many other minor characters are introduced such as Achilles Watson (Tom's father), Aleck Watson (Achilles' father, Tom's Grandfather), Dyol Hendji(Achilles' girlfriend and mother of Tom), Mack Starz, Flora Sprinkle and her half brother Maxim (both of whom are elves) and many other not related to the main cast whatsoever, including: Socrates Crescent and his wife Michelle (deceased), Krissy Blackbird, Suling Anezaki and the goddess of energy, Mana.

The majority of the episode is a battle scene between demons, Vince and assorted characters, but you cannot tell where everyone is positioned on the battlefield making it difficult to keep track of who's fighting what, and where. During the fight scene, almost nothing is accomplished, with the death of Michelle triggering the climax with most of the characters incapacitated. In the end, Vince is thrown into the sphere of life and vanishes, where the goddess of energy, Mana makes her cameo and coldly states that she cannot revive Michelle before requesting the entire group leave. Shortly after, there is a massive time skip of 25 years where miscellaneous unnamed characters are introduced and the episode ends on Tom getting ready for school with an "older" Achilles present, though the art style does not show 25 years of wear and tear on his face with no visible aging. There is a short "preview" of the next episode, "A New Generation".

Episode two has not been officially released yet, but there has been a "teaser" which shows of drastically more consistent animation, however still sub-par compared to traditional anime. In some scenes, characters appear see through, and notably in Tom and Misty's walk cycle, it can be seen that a severe lack of understanding of perspective still plagues the team. Since the quality boost (though minor), fans are more hopeful for the future of the show, however the patreon has taken a major hit and is nowhere near their long-term goal of $7500 per month. ☀